Free Software and Open-Source Development with AdaThe Libre website is dedicated to serving the Free Software, Open-Source, Ada Community. Here you can download tools and libraries for the GNAT Ada development environment and get the latest Ada news, resources and training materials. It’s also the place to exchange and contribute with a large community of Ada programmers.

The Libre website is maintained by AdaCore, the driving force behind GNAT technology.

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Introducing AdaCore University, a free e-learning center dedicated to teaching the Ada language and the use of related technologies.

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SPARK 2014

The next generation of the leading software development technology specifically designed for engineering high-reliability applications. It consists of a programming language, a verification toolset and a design method which, taken together, ensure that ultra-low defect software can be deployed in application domains where high-reliability must be assured.

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Installing GNAT GPL

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