Different Development Paradigms Within a Single Language

University of Stuttgart (Germany)

At the University of Stuttgart, Ada is the first programming language taught to incoming students of Computer Science, Software Engineering, Mathematics, Automation Technology, and several other disciplines as part of their year-long introduction to practical Computer Science and to programming.

Additionally, Ada is the language of choice for several advanced courses in Software Engineering, compiler construction, and real-time programming. Naturally, it also plays a role in courses that involve comparative studies of language semantics or implementation. In one research group, Ada is the main language for both student and advanced research projects centered on the maintenance and enhancement of a system with about one million lines of Ada code.

Prof. Erhard Ploedereder explains: “Ada was chosen as the primary language because it supports different development paradigms within a single language, it integrates a competent concurrency model, and it has good and freely available infrastructure. Students find that they can easily migrate into other languages if necessary, such as C++ or Java, having been educated with the well-designed constructs of Ada in their introductory courses.”

University of Stuttgart’s computer science program