Ada for Data Structure and Software Engineering Fundamentals

University of Northern Iowa (USA)

The University of Northern Iowa, in Cedar Falls, Iowa, US, was one of the first institutions to join this program, with Prof. John McCormick as the university representative. Signing up for GAP was a natural decision for UNI and for Prof. McCormick, since he has been using Ada and GNAT in Computer Science courses there since 1997.

GNAT was first selected for an upper-division course on concurrent programming, where it was enthusiastically embraced by students and faculty. GNAT and Ada are currently being used in a traditional data structures course, and will likely be adopted in a fundamentals course that focuses on software engineering.

“I cannot speak of GNAT and GAP without expressing my delight with AdaCore for their helpfulness to academics,” said Prof. McCormick. “There were many times while I was working on the second edition of my Ada Plus Data Structures textbook when AdaCore engineers helped me to understand some new Ada 2005 feature. Having a working compiler for the new language so quickly is a remarkable technical feat. Making it available to academia is just as remarkable, and we very much appreciate AdaCore’s commitment.

University of Northern Iowa’s computer science program