University of York Department of Computer Science (UK) uses Ada for Analysable Real-Time Systems

University of York Department of Computer Science (UK)

The Department of Computer Science at the University of York is using the latest version of Ada to teach the Analysable Real-Time Systems (ARTS) module. This module covers both the theory and the practice of implementing analysable real-time systems.

In the context of real-time systems:

  • theory is the analysis techniques that allow the timing properties of real-time application to be determined
  • practice is the programming language (and operating systems) abstractions and mechanisms that allow analysable real-time programs to be implemented; the module focuses on the use of the Ada programming language

The module book is Real-Time Systems and Programming Languages by Burns and Wellings (4th Edition). This book covers 90% of the analysis techniques taught. It also covers several languages and operating systems, including Ada. More details on Ada is given by the auxiliary text book Concurrent and Real-Time Programming in Ada by Burns and Wellings.

University of York Department of Computer Science module in Analysable Real-Time Systems: