Technology Comparison Chart

  GNAT Pro
Academic Program
GPL Edition
Intended for All uses, including commercial, industrial, or military development. Developed software can be proprietary, classified, or be subject to any distribution restriction. Teaching and student projects following the terms of the GPL. Free Software development following the terms of the GPL.
Intended users Industrial, military, and commercial developers Professors using Ada/SPARK in their curriculum Free Software developers and students
How to obtain it Subscription with AdaCore GAP membership AdaCore Libre site
Complete toolset Yes Yes Yes
Quality assurance Suitable for use in mission critical and high-integrity software development Suitable for teaching and academic projects purposes Suitable for Free Software development
Access to
Yes No No
Frontline product support and Ada advice from AdaCore Yes For professors No

You may find portions of the GNAT technology (typically the compiler) elsewhere. Check with its provider for its license, completeness, quality assurance, and any other issue relevant to you. For more information on the licensing and the different versions of the GNAT Technology, consult our GNAT Technology FAQ.

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