The GNAT GPL Edition consists of the following technologies:

  • The GNAT Ada 2012 compilation system
  • Various tools such as heap monitoring, unit testing, program browsing, etc.
  • Ada 2012 and GNAT libraries (Containers, pattern matching, sorting, etc.)
  • The GNAT Programming Studio (GPS) visual IDE


SPARK GPL provides the foremost language, toolset and design discipline for the engineering of high-assurance software. It combines the renowned SPARK language and verification tools from Altran with the GNAT Programming Studio (GPS) and GNATBench development environments from AdaCore.

GNAT Programming Studio (GPS)

GPS, the GNAT Programming Studio, is a cutting-edge Free Software IDE that streamlines the interaction between developers and their software. With its intuitive interface, GPS is easy to use, simplifying source navigation and highlighting the fundamental ideas in the program.

GNATbench (Eclipse Plug-in)

AdaCore has developed an Ada plug-in for Eclipse. The GNATbench Ada plug-in for Eclipse includes sophisticated development capabilities for all versions of Ada: Ada 83, Ada 95, Ada 2005, and Ada 2012.

Ada Web Server (AWS)

AWS is a complete framework to develop Web based applications. The main part of the framework is the embedded Web server. This small yet powerful Web server can be embedded into your application so your application will be able to talk with a standard Web browser like Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Communicator for example. Around this Web server a lot of services have been developed.


GtkAda is an Ada95 graphical toolkit based on Gtk+, providing the complete set of Gtk+ widgets using the Object-Oriented features of this language.


PolyORB is a general middleware technology for CORBA and other distributed systems technologies. More specifically, PolyORB provides a uniform solution to build distributed applications relying either on middleware standards such as CORBA, the Ada 95 Distributed System Annex, SOAP, Web Services, or to implement application-specific middleware.


XML/Ada is a set of modules that provide a simple manipulation of XML streams. It supports the whole XML 1.1 specifications, and can parse any file that follows this standard (including the contents of the DTD, although no validation of the document is done based on those).


AUnit is a set of Ada packages based on the xUnit family of unit test frameworks. It’s intended as a developer’s tool to facilitate confident writing and evolution of Ada software. It is purposely lightweight, as one of its main goals is to make it easy to develop and run unit tests, rather than to generate artifacts for process management. The framework supports easy composition of sets of unit tests to provide flexibility in determining what tests to run for a given purpose.


Thanks to French public funds, the next generation of Free Software code coverage tools is on its way. “Project Coverage” will produce a Free Software coverage analysis toolset together with the ability to generate artifacts that allow the tools to be used for safety-critical software projects undergoing a DO-178B software audit process for all levels of criticality.


The European Space Agency has spent significant resources for the developement of the space-hardened ERC32 processor. However, in order to optimize the use of Ada Sofware in the space context, ESA needed a way to quantify the relative efficiencies of the Ada Ravenscar implementations available for this platform, and to compare them with a C compiler implementation on the RTEMS operating system. This is what this project aims at provinding.

Ocarina AADL tool suite

“AADL” stands for Architecture Analysis & Design Language. The aim of the AADL is to allow the description of Distributed Real-Time Embedded (DRE) systems by assembling separately developed blocks. Thus it focuses on the definition of clear block interfaces, and separates the implementations from those interfaces. AADL allows for the description of both software and hardware parts of a system.