GNAT GPL - 2016 Edition

GNAT GPL Edition

2016 Edition Now Available!

We are pleased to announce the availability of the GNAT GPL 2016 toolset.

GNAT GPL 2016 incorporates upgraded technology for the debugger (GDB 7.10) along with support for the Windows 10 platform and many new features.

Ada runtime support has been extended for the STM32f429-disco, STM32f469-disco and STM32F7-disco development boards based on the STM32 family of microcontrollers.

  • ravenscar sfp/full for the stm32f429-disco board
  • ravenscar sfp/full for the stm32f469-disco board
  • ravenscar sfp/full for the stm32f7-disco board

You will find documentation about the GNAT GPL 2016 and SPARK GPL 2016 toolset here:

Related technologies are also available for download alongside the GNAT GPL Edition:

  • AWS: to web-enable Ada applications (Ada Web Server)
  • XML/Ada: to process XML streams in Ada applications
  • ASIS: to develop tools for Ada software
  • GtkAda: to develop modern native GUIs in Ada
  • PolyORB: to build distributed systems using CORBA and the Ada distributed systems annex

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