GNAT GPL - 2013 Edition

GNAT GPL Edition

2014 Edition Now Available!

We are pleased to announce the availability of the GNAT GPL 2014 toolset.

GNAT GPL 2014 incorporates more than 120 new features, including Ada 2012 mode enabled by default, many new warnings and improved diagnostics, code generation optimizations, support for symbolic traceback in shared libraries, and improved cross Ada/C++ exception handling.

GNAT GPL 2014 introduces GNAT2XML, for generating XML files from Ada sources, which will help in writing Ada analysis tools quickly in any language. It also provides enhancements to existing tools, including:

  • A new version of GNATpp, providing improved Ada layout and greater flexibility
  • Support in the GPRbuild multipurpose builder for distributed builds, and better support for parallel builds


It also comes with the latest version of the GPS IDE. The complete list of the major new features in GPS 6.0.1 is accessible here:



Related technologies are also available for download alongside the GNAT GPL Edition:

  • AWS: to web-enable Ada applications (Ada Web Server)
  • XML/Ada: to process XML streams in Ada applications
  • ASIS: to develop tools for Ada software
  • GtkAda: to develop modern native GUIs in Ada
  • PolyORB: to build distributed systems using CORBA and the Ada distributed systems annex

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