GNAT GPL - 2013 Edition

GNAT GPL Edition

2013 Edition Now Available!

GNAT GPL 2013 provides new Ada 2012 language features, introduces new tools and new versions of existing tools, incorporates a range of improvements and adds several new platforms. Some of the key enhancements:

New Language Features

    Final touches on Ada 2012 support
    Automatic Endianness conversion (‘Scalar_Storage_Order)
    Dimensionality checking (new aspects and packages)
New version of existing tools
    GtkAda Gtk+ version 3 brings new widgets, a CSS-based theming framework, and an improved API that has been clarified and has a more homogeneous naming scheme.
    New versions of IDEs
    GDB debugger
Switch to GCC 4.7 back-end

New GNATcheck rules

AdaCore is dedicated to developing the finest tools available for software development with Ada. The GNAT GPL Edition is the Ada 2012 development environment for Free Software development and the GNAT Academic Program for use in Academia. GNAT Pro for commercial/industrial development.

The GNAT GPL Edition consists of the following technologies:

  • The GNAT Ada 2012 compilation system
  • Various tools such as heap monitoring, unit testing, program browsing, etc.
  • Ada 2012 and GNAT libraries (Containers, pattern matching, sorting, etc.)
  • The GNAT Programming Studio (GPS) visual IDE

Related technologies are also available for download alongside the GNAT GPL Edition:

  • AWS: to web-enable Ada applications (Ada Web Server)
  • XML/Ada: to process XML streams in Ada applications
  • ASIS: to develop tools for Ada software
  • GtkAda: to develop modern native GUIs in Ada
  • PolyORB: to build distributed systems using CORBA and the Ada distributed systems annex

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