The GNAT Programming Studio

What is GPS?

GPS, the GNAT Programming Studio, is a cutting-edge Free Software IDE that streamlines the interaction between developers and their software. With its intuitive interface, GPS is easy to use, simplifying source navigation and highlighting the fundamental ideas in the program.

By displaying core application structures, such as call graphs, program entity graphs, and project dependencies, GPS facilitates the development of systems. GPS helps construct reliable code while providing the same interface and behavior across a variety of platforms. Designed by programmers for programmers, GPS is a new kind of IDE that offers the experience of designing software in a uniquely comfortable environment.

Latest Libre site release

The latest GPS version can be downloaded as part of the GNAT GPL Edition.

Features and Tools


  • Developer-friendly
  • Multi-language
  • Multi-platform
  • Same modern GUI available on all platforms
  • Flexible MDI (multiple document interface)
  • Customizable
  • Extensible: can integrate preferred tools
  • Free Software


  • Language-sensitive editor
  • Automatic generation of body files
  • Source code reformatting
  • Intelligent source code navigation
  • Context-sensitive search and replace
  • Application builder
  • Automatic code fixing
  • Version control (CVS, ClearCase, etc.)
  • Visual file comparison
  • Graphical source-level debugger
  • Project and program entities explorer
  • Project wizard
  • Types and program entities graphs
  • Call graphs
  • File dependency graphs
  • Project dependency graphs

Online Documentation

GPS comes with a tutorial that gives an overview of the functionalities by going through a complete session, and a User’s Guide documenting each tool and modules.

Mailing lists

GPS has two mailing lists.

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Please report suggestions, bugs to gps-devel (at

This software has been written and is maintained by AdaCore.

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