Developing Software that Matters

Purpose of this Course

This page contains the slides of the course “Developing Software that Matters“. This course is being given by Franco Gasperoni to the second year students of the ENST in Paris. You will find below the links to the course slides in PDF and PowerPoint formats.

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Latest Slides

Lecture Description Slides Revision date
Condensed slides if you have to do it in 3 hours PDF  PPT 2006-Dec-12
Introduction to Software Construction PDF  PPT 2003-Jan-21
Programming Languages and Software Construction PDF  PPT 2003-Apr-25
Programming in the Small: C/C++/Java Pitfalls & Ada Benefits
Many thanks to David Thompson for his extensive comments
PDF  PPT 2003-Jan-24
Specifications and Privacy: C Pitfalls & Ada Benefits In Progress

Initial Slides

Lecture Description Slides
Introduction to Ada 95 PDF  PPT
Programming in the Large PDF  PPT
Functionality-Oriented Programming PDF  PPT
Object-Oriented Programming PDF  PPT
Genericity PDF  PPT
Programming Distributed Systems PDF  PPT